About Russell

My name is Russell Glerum, thank you for stopping by.  This blog will detail all my hobbies and the cool  stuff that I do on a monthly basis.    I live in Colonial Beach, Virginia in a tiny house  (big enough for me and too much of a house for me to keep clean) with the Potomac River as my front yard.

I am so thankful for my family and all my great friends. 

I have honey bees and extract the honey in the spring. This honey is the honey that is left over from the cold winter months that the bees didn’t need to eat to survive.  Some years I have done really good but 2015 and 2016 were non productive years for me.   I currently have one healthy hive and I am adding 6 new bee packages in April 2017.  My bee goal is to maintain 7 healthy hives (with a maximum of 10 hives) and to be a good bee daddy.   I have turned most of my grass yard into a clover and flower yard for the bees.

I have 26 happy chickens and I get ~15 eggs per day.  My chickens are free range and their eggs taste completely different from the free range eggs that you can buy in the store; the yolks are a really dark orange and tasty.  My chickens are like pets and they all have different personalities.  They are fed some type of tasty treat at least 5 times a week (meal worms, hot dogs, spaghetti, popcorn, rice, fresh corn on the cob, kitchen scraps, etc.).

I crab from May-September and eat crabs almost everyday of the week.  During the summer months, I feed my chickens about a dozen crabs a day.  I steam the crabs and then smash them and the chickens eat everything but the shell. 

 I  harvest soft crabs in my soft shell crab tanks. For 2017, I will increase my soft shell crab tanks from 2 to 4.  Nothing is better than a fried soft crab sandwich with a slice of fresh tomato from the garden.

I garden and I enjoy growing herbs and finding new recipes.  My favorite herbs are Cilantro and Basil, but I hope to discover some new favorites.  My favorite vegetables are tomatoes, squash, and peppers on the grill. 

I have a Golden Retriever named Brandi. She is spoiled and leads a pretty easy and fun-filled life.  On nice days, I take her swimming (since I only need to walk out my front door to get to the Potomac River) usually at least 5 times a week where she loves to fetch sticks and balls.  I plan on adding a new puppy in 2017, so we will be a family of 3 in Colonial Beach.

I try to eat healthy and exercise every day (running and working out at the gym). 

I have a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 action camera and Pivothead sunglasses.  For 2017, I will be making youtube videos of my beekeeping, crabs, gardening, dog training, and chickens and postings the links to my youtube videos on my home page.  I also have a youtube channel but I haven’t figured out how to master it yet.

Click on fav blogs to see some of the stuff I enjoy following and reading.


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  1. carol riggin says:

    Love reading this…

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