I finally finished and posted my beekeeping youtube video.

It took me a week because I was learning how to use a video editor named shotcut (it is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor) and somehow I messed the program up and I hid important menu items (file, edit, view, settings, and help), and without these I was screwed.  I removed and reinstalled the program many times but I could not get shotcut restored to what it was like when I first installed it,  even the ‘restore default layout’ button wouldn’t fix shotcut. My son figured it out for me, there is a file that keeps track of how the window is laid out and this file does not get removed or updated when you remove and reinstall the program.

Shotcut is a very easy program to use once you have played with it and figured how to use it.  I am excited about using my Mavic Drone videos and adding text to the video so I won’t need to talk.

Here is my beekeeping video:

My grandson at the Orioles game:

It has been nice weather so I have been catching up on a lot of outside chores.  I visited my oldest son on 12/3 to drop off some Xmas stuff and spend some time helping decorate the Christmas tree.  I drove on the beltway and then on I-270, some of those Maryland drivers are very aggressive.



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1 Response to I finally finished and posted my beekeeping youtube video.

  1. Oliver says:

    First of all there is no way that good looking young man is your grandson. Ha! Ha! That is an amazing story. He could have been killed along with the 3 year old and yet he saved the little kid. That is a proud moment. Now he is famous after the announcers called him out on TV.



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