Goals for 2016 and current status


1. 2015 was not a good year for me.  I did not meet most of my goals and my bees all died so I am starting 2016 as a new person.

2. I currently have no healthy bee hives and I have ordered 7 bee packages for April 2016.  For 2016, I will make youtube videos of everything from picking up the bees, installing the bee packages, and showing how the bees do for the year 2016.

3. Finally fix my broken pier (left over goal from 2015).

4.  Plant another huge vegetable and herb garden (hopefully less weeds this year) and try a bunch of new recipes with the bounty from my from my garden.  Plant a large bee friendly flower garden in addition to my regular garden.

5. Update my blog with nice pictures of my crab operation and make youtube videos of my crab setup (left over goal from 2015).

6. Post links to my youtube channel when I have interesting videos for my followers to watch.


7.  I added some new chickens, now I have a total of 35 chickens.  Plan to keep my chickens happy and continue to take free eggs to work for people to enjoy.

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